Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pedro's Tweet About Tanaka's Tendonitis Shows He's Just A Creep, Not An Expert

By Barry Millman

I'm not a doctor, but I know the wrist and forearm aren't parts of the elbow and that neither is connected in any way to the ulnar collateral ligament. 

Pedro Martinez --   famous pitcher, baseball analyst and psychic doctor who predicted Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka would require Tommy John surgery before the season is over --  surely knows this.

So when it was announced Tuesday night that an MRI of  Tanaka's right arm revealed a slight strain of the forearm and tendinitis on the outside of the wrist but no change to the ligament, it was surprising to say the least when Martinez sent out a tweet that read: "Sorry for #Tanaka but I saw it coming. Too bad he had this setback. I wish him the best and a quick recovery."

Since it's obviously not a UCL injury, could he possibly have meant that he predicted  the forearm strain and tendinitis, which would certainly be evidence of world-class psychic powers in addition to his divinely endowed medical degree?

Alas, upon a careful re-listen to the recording of the Sirius/XM radio appearance in which he predicted Tanaka's season would end prematurely and require TJ, I can find no mention of wrists or forearms. 

After Pedro's extended rant - which he bizarrely described as "brave" on his part -- it's not hard to imagine how silly he must have felt watching Tanaka win his last two starts in commanding fashion; surrendering a combined one run, two walks and five hits while striking out 14. 

So in the absence of any credible connection between Tanaka's tendonitis and his UCL or any prior mention of tendonitis or strains, Pedro's tweet can only be logically explained as the work of a creepy attention whore who's desperate to take credit for predicting any misfortune at all that befalls the Yankee pitcher.

Since Pedro relishes predicting the worst for people so much, I've got one for him. 

I predict Pedro will be sitting at home watching an entire season of baseball from his couch before Tanaka.

You can trust me.  I'm not a doctor. 

Just like Pedro.