Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dad. I talked to Slade. He made it to the bigs! A Father's Yankee Dream Comes True

By Barry Millman

One of the nice things about Yankee Universe is every member has their own unique  moments they cherish and love to share. And one of the nice things about Yankee Twitterverse is you never know who you might bump into with one that really knocks you out.

Yesterday, those two nice things converged, and I got to meet a really happy guy who hadn't gotten much sleep the night before because he was living one of the rarest Yankee moments imaginable.

Wednesday morning,  Slade Heathcott, the  team's first pick and 29th overall in the 2009 amateur draft, sent out his first official joyous tweet as a bonafide New York Yankee. Like many  Yankee fans who have been following his progress and twitter page for years, I was thrilled for him so, again like many others, I favorited his tweet, and replied with a congratulatory message of encouragement.

A little while later, someone favorited my reply and when I checked the notification it was Jeff Heathcott, Slade's father. He had sent out a touching tweet earlier in the day announcing his son's promotion, which I had missed as I imagine many did due to a small following, so I retweeted that too. We started chatting and ... that's about all the setup this thread needs. 

During a week when there hasn't been much of anything to make Yankee fans smile, Jeff was reveling in a cherished Yankee moment few of us will ever experience ... and if his son can hit, run, catch and throw in the bigs like he has at every stop on the way there, Jeff's Yankee moment could wind up being one every Yankee fan cherishes too.